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Welcome to our Holiday Update!


     As I write this update, it's Thanksgiving Day!  And as I look back upon the year that was, I find many things for which I am thankful. I have friends and family that give me great joy, and a wonderful marriage which is effortless, and a blessing.

     We did fall short of our financial goal this year, but I'm hopeful we'll make up for it in the coming months. We are still sponsoring five students at the Alikachenje School in Tanzania, and all of us at ABCs For Africa have made a commitment to their current and future educational needs. We would like to invite all of you to make a special holiday donation to help us meet those goals, and the obligations we will have in the coming New Year. If you visit the "Our Students" page, you'll get the facts about the expenses involved in maintaining each child's tuition. We are still about $2,500 behind our goal for this year, and need to raise enough for the coming year, 2015, as well.

     I tend to get a lot of people that tell me what a great cause we have, and they always wish me well in these efforts. But this well-wishing doesn't always turn into financial support, and that is what we are truly in need of at this time. I thank all of you for your thoughts and words of support. I would only ask that if you have the time and a few dollars to spare this holiday season, please go to our donation page and make these students' coming year a bit brighter.

We've also added to our Facebook page recently, and so I invite you to visit, and post your comments and give us a "thumbs up!"


Lastly, please know that from all of us at ABCs For Africa,

wish you Peace, and a Beautiful Holiday Season, as well

as a prosperous New Year...


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Sincerely Yours,


Bill Crawford, President







"Practice the first lesson of human rights:  just because a problem doesn't affect you personally, doesn't mean it ceases to exist."

                 Irshad Manji, author

As with any Non-Profit, we rely on your contributions to keep our programs funded. We have no paid staff, therefore are proud to say that we try to use 100% of what we receive to help the students you have been introduced to here. We pledge to do our utmost to maintain that record.


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It's a program called Amazon Smile, and we'd love to have you support us this way as well!


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