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Fall 2014



Welcome to our Fall Update!


   With the coming change in the weather, we’re reminded of how all things are temporary.

   We learned that our friend, Josphat Bukuku, recently left Alikachenje school. He is now teaching at a school in the nearby town of Moshi. He is still in contact with his former colleagues at Alikachenje, and we are happy to have him continue as our liason.

   Marissa, William and Ubalo took time this summer to spend about a month in Tanzania. They met with Bukuku as well as all of our sponsored students!

   Marissa has some comments to post later, and we’ll be posting new photos to our website soon. We also have a new contact at the school. His name is Frank Lusobya, and is in charge of finance at Alikachenje.

   Speaking of Fall, we did “fall” a bit short of our goal this year. We thank all of those that contributed to our kids’ futures by donating to ABCs For Africa. We’re asking anyone reading this to please consider a donation so that we may continue our important mission of helping to educate Africa’s children. We need to raise about $2,200 to complete our obligation for our students’ tuitions. This may sound like a lot of money, but it is not insurmountable. If each person who reads this would consider a $10 donation, we will easily meet our challenge. Of course you may always donate more; every dollar will be gratefully received! You may even wish to support a student of your own. Please contact us if you wish to make that dream come true for a needy child.

We currently have five students that we are supporting. You may read about them on our Students Page.

We’re also publishing a Facebook page, so please look us up. And give us a thumbs-up while you’re at it!

That’s all for this update. We’ll have another update for you around the fast-approaching Holiday Season…


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