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“To overcome, through education, the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS upon the widows and orphans of sub-Saharan  regions of Africa.”




We have finally received some long-awaited good news from our friend, Mr. Josephat Bikuku. He is currently the Headmaster for Alikachenje School near the town of Same in Tanzania. Prior to this current position, Bikuku was working for a school that we previously supported, called "Meru Peak." The full story of our relationship with that school can be found by viewing the page titled "About Us."

After we suspended our support for Meru Peak School, we very much wanted to continue with our original mission of supporting and educating children and widows affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. So we went on a search to find a worthy school and students that could use our support. This search was begun when two of our board members, Marissa and William, made a trip to Tanzania recently. They focused primarily in the areas around Kilimanjaro and its neighboring districts. During their six-week sojourn, they scouted about for a potential candidate school or project that would meet our stated goals. There are many needy schools and villages across Tanzania as you can imagine. What they discovered was encouraging. Through our friend, Bikuku, they learned of a school near the town of Same (pronounced "Somm-ay"). The school was recently established by a professor at the University of Dodoma, Professor Mlacha. He named this school in honor of his father, calling it "Alikachenje." Professor Mlacha is enthusiastic about working with ABCs For Africa in our quest to help needy students become successful. We have just become the "proud parents" of five students that Bikuku has enrolled at Alikachenje. They have been attending Alikachenje since the new school year began, and we have promised our support for them.


As a Non-Profit organizer and supporter of other Non-Profit endeavors not related to our own, we realize that there are many organizations soliciting for your support. We have no expectations that our cause will be judged more important than what you, personally, consider a priority in your donation budgeting. What we do hope is that you will see our cause as a worthy one; one worth at least a second look.

We at ABCs For Africa have also made contributions, and those come in many forms; putting in long hours, trips to Tanzania, and our own personal financial resources in our quest to make a difference. We have had setbacks in our growing pains, but have also come away from these setbacks with experience, and a renewed strength in our mission that will help us to move forward. To quote the late Randy Pausch, author of "The Last Lecture"...

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."


Lastly, I'd like to include a New York Times op-ed quote from another author and human-rights activist, Irshad Manji:

just because a problem doesn't affect you personally, doesn't mean it ceases to exist."

I literally carry this quote in my pocket at all times. It is there to remind me of the effect one person can have on another, even though that recipient may never know their benefactor.

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As with any Non-Profit, we rely on your contributions to keep our programs funded. We have no paid staff, therefore are proud to say that we try to use 100% of what we receive to help the students you have been introduced to here. We pledge to do our utmost to maintain that record.

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