Tanzanian School Children


Summer 2014


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Our mission at ABCs For Africa has always been one of support and education for children and widows affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Through our friend and colleague in Tanzania, Mr Josephat Bukuku, we have finally received some long-awaited good news. He is currently the Headmaster for Alikachenje Secondary School near the town of Same' in Tanzania and has given us the opportunity to support five students that he's chosen from the most needy in the area.

The school was recently established by a professor at the University of Dodoma, Professor Mlacha. He named this school in honor of his father, calling it "Alikachenje." Professor Mlacha is enthusiastic about working with ABCs For Africa in our quest to help these students become successful. These five young people have been attending Alikachenje since the new school year began, and we have promised our support for them.


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"Practice the first lesson of human rights:  just because a problem doesn't affect you personally, doesn't mean it ceases to exist."

                 Irshad Manji, author

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